Jul 21, 2014

long time no writing

It's been a long while since I posted an entry, so I feel like I've totally forgotten how to write sentences in English.

Language ability can be easily lost if you don't use it daily, but since I live in Japan, where English not at all necessary to survive, it's difficult to motivate yourself to keep writing everyday. But I have to do something, or I would completely become clueless and have to start from scratch even to do some easy writing.

Actually I've been writing another blog for the last one year or so, it's not a private blog. I need to be super careful not to make too many mistakes and that keeps me away from writing. It's no good! But here in *shall we tadoku*, I don't need to worry about how poor or terrible my wiring is, but just put down anything I wanna write.

Just a bit of writing every day and I believe I'll be able to make a progress, even how tiny that would be.

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