Jul 22, 2013

(呟き)what color our future?

We had an Upper House  election yesterday. As the result came out one by one, I got rather frustrated and irritated. Why? Why does it have to be this way? People in general, well at least around me, are concerned about the dismal state of Fukushima, totally outdated education system, how to make a sustainable society, the maintaining of medical insurance etc., but from the result of the election, I can't see any voice of those concerns from everyday people. I'm afraid Japan is by now engulfed in the endless greed of wealth-thoroughly moneywise one -seeking mind. Anyone with sober mind can tell that if another big earthquake hit somewhere around east Japan, it would be the end of Tokyo, which means not only Japan but all part of the world would be contaminated with astronomical nuclear material that no human beings can't get away from the worst scenario. Tokyo had managed to survive in the big Edo fire or a big Tokyo earthquake and revived and reconstructed from the debris of WWⅡ, but it'll be totally different next time. Some says we're deliberately made to be the dumb people by those who're part of Zaibatsu families or big global companies and I'm afraid the result of the election clear shows that the tactics is working quite well on us people.      

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