Jun 30, 2013

(呟き)はは~ 生徒が参加した講座とは?!

It was the tadoku class yesterday and one of the students came to me as usual after the class and we talked about the way how we should learn and enjoy English to be a USER of it. Japanese English teachers in general don't teach students how they should learn English, so it's like some students who're serious to improve their English are desperate to know the better ways to learn English.

As I was talking with the student, some appalling fact came to light.^^; He said he'd been to a lecture by some Karisuma-Koushi, who I've talked (excuse me, but ridiculed?) about in the previous entries in this blog. The student seemed to be believing what he learned in the lecture simply because the speaker is a Karisuma-Koushi whose profile is nothing but brilliant; graduated from a prominent university and having lots of high scores of English tests. So, you know what I did?, I explained him the trick of those nasty English business and talked him about THAT *say say say!* video, which is not in public anymore but still you can watch somewhere on the Net. ^^;;;

Anyway, it's fascinating to see some student get motivated to learn and enjoy English and borrow   English books from the library. Many Japanese English teachers are blindly screwing up the chance for students to be bilingual by forcing them to learn English in the old harmful ways, but that really has to be changed and students should be encouraged to learn English in their won ways, in which they can apply their unique style of learning; some from reading and others listening.      

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