Jun 16, 2013



Guess which EigoMuraBito I'm talking about...



Whiskers said...

Surprising, surprising! You came back to your New Year's resolution! Good Girl!

Anyway, you are showing us such good materials as usual. Yes, that entry of that blog, which I don't understand why he wrote the title in English. And the video! It's wonderful! I learned a lot from it. You know, teaching a class and making a speech have a lot in common. I'll try to leave my ego behind and teach the class as if it's the last one ever.

Mrs.Malone_emmie said...

Thank you for coming, Whiskers-san, even when we're talking endlessly at the closed community over there lol I've totally lost the incentive and also the feel of writing English after writing some topics in Japanese for a while, but my motivation is gradually coming back. (Well, actually, there is another big reason that my PC is not working properly and it suddenly turns down without any prior warning, so I'm so much discouraged to use PC... Yes, Ego, that's one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to using English. But you'll notice it's totally wasteful if you can't live your life fully because of your Ego. TTYL!