May 2, 2013





The article is about a coming out story of a famous basket player, but the topic I'm talking about here is some English expression which is known to be WHALES structure in Japanese education of English, I found in the article.

"But I don't let my race define me any more than I want my sexual orientation to."

Students learning English in Japan are taught this structure as something  important and usually overwhelmed with complicated explanations from teachers, who believe that they have to teach this structure simply because they're on a textbook. I bet many of them have never encountered the structure used in the real world other than in textbooks, thus they don't know how necessary/unnecessary they teach it. 

It's nothing difficult if you read the sentence from the beginning to the end, as the sentence is written, but since many Japanese teachers believe that if students can't translate sentences into proper Japanese it's a sign that students are failed to grasp the meaning of the sentences, so they ask them to translate. That's where a problem occurs. It's easy to understand the meaning, but hard to translate. That's all...

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