Apr 9, 2013

(呟き)one minute speech -who do you admire?-

The one minute speech theme for the next gathering is about if there is anyone who we admire.

It's difficult to narrow down to one person, but it'd be one of my friends I came to know in Kyushu. What I'm particularly impressed with the people in Kyushu is that many of them are very open minded and very friendly. For the first a few years, I sometimes got bewildered by their openness or intimate attitude, but once I got used to it, I felt very comfortable and peaceful being surrounded by those nice people. On of my friends in my kids kindergarten is exceptionally good person. She always looks happy and doesn't hesitate to spread her love and kindness around her. I think when people get to know someone for the first time, we are likely to think what benefit he/she is going to provide us before we get to know each other well. If we don't seem to become a win-win relationship, we could be reluctant to be involved in the person or the society he/she resides. I've never got an impressions that she's ever calculated beforehand how much benefit she'd get from a relationship. I hope I'd be like her, then I think I'd have more chances to come to know many interesting people and that would make my life more exciting.

(I was feeling blocked and didn't feel writing a blog for a while, since I have to do some writing in Japanese and that made me difficult to think in English. After all, what I really need is to do free writing without worrying about what expressions I'm going to use or the framing that visitors to my blog can read mine easily. A bit of challenge is a good spice for my practicing English writing, but it has to be the right amount, or I'm so easily caught up with fear and being overwhelmed... A lesson learned.)    


chico said...

Is it weird to say I admire my daughter. lol She is tougher than I imagined. I can't believe how tough and cheeky she is. I am talking about school and her problems. She is really fearless and I sometimes envy her :-)

Hope to see you again sometime.

Mrs.Malone_emmie said...

Yes, yes, that's just the same to me. At first I came up with my daughter who I admire, but I decided to choose someone else, because I don't want to be called an oddball from the beginning of my being a member of the group. lol I'm often amazed to know that my daughter can be confident and resilient, let alone the ability of hers to find her own comfort zone whatever society she has to belong to. Great to be a mother, really. ^^

chico said...

BTW, thanks for introducing the site with heaps of dubbed anime. I watched Fair Tail episode 1 with Momo last night. She said, "I can't catch anything in English but it doesn't matter. I remember the story anyway."