Apr 23, 2013


For the last couple of weeks, I've been doing some writing in Japanese, which may not be a difficult task for those  people who are required to do some formal and descriptive writings on business or in education, but it totally made me reluctant to write in English. I'm not versatile enough that I can think both in English and Japanese interchangeably  according to topics. I thought it'd be easier to write in my notebook, but that's not particularly fun... I'm keep writing the same thing repeatedly. I'd need to do something other than free writing. That is what I'm pondering these days. What if I pick phrases and sentences I was fascinated with during reading a book and write them down in a notebook. It'd be much practical and effective to stock more expressions I can use in my writing from the books whose usage of language or messages I appreciate. 


Whiskers said...

Hi, emmie-san.
I just don't understand why you mention writing down expressions and phrases in a notebook from time to time.
Has it ever worked for you?
Please don't feel offended. I'm asking this because whenever I try it-you see, I do the same thing, ha ha-I always end up losing the notebook...

When you collect expressions, do yo label them? Otherwise it will be a collection of words without context, which I cannot imagine will help.

Mrs.Malone_emmie said...

lolol No, It has never work on me to write down expressions that should be come in handy sometime IN FUTURE. Yes, I know it may not be effective at all to keep a notebook with expressions without enough contexts, but yet, there seems to be many people who do that kind of learning, so I sometimes wonder if I should try to be a GOOD learner. haha Anyway, I found one little everyday habit that would help me appreciate English sentences more with not much effort. Maybe in the next entry, I'll talk about that. ^^;