Apr 1, 2013


For three days, I'd been to my hometown in Kansai and got together with my family. My mother has gotten very difficult for walking and she won't be able to go anywhere beyond a nearby store or a train station, but it doesn't keep her from being a nosy Oba-chan. She's still having fun taking care of people around her with her wide range of friendships and helping eligible young people to find a partner. I think those nosy sociable women used to play a big role in a community as a lubricant, especially for marriage hunting, but women these days are so busy working for money that there won't be many people who can play such a role. I hope one day when I get much older I can be of like her and be a helping hand in a community. 

Now is a time for my cat story. I've been nudged to hand in some story about the life of my dog and me for some manga project, but it's hard to recall the days long time ago. It's been more than three decades ago when she was around with me. So I changed my mind and gave it a try to make a story about a cat.

One day in summer, my friend who lived in the same apartment then asked me to look after her cat while she's away for a trip. I haven't been an owner of a cat, but I thought it wouldn't be much different from taking care of a dog, and I happily said her yes and learned what to do during her absence. I got a key for her room too. 

The first day when I was opening the door, I was expecting that I'd would have a ground welcome from her cat. But.... The room was quiet as ever, I saw nothing but two eyes glaring towards the door in the eerily dark room. Yikes! 

You know, everything in US is super-sized compared to the ones you find in Japan. Cats are not exceptions. Soon my eyes got used to the darkness and there I found a cat lying quietly. Her cat was big! I thought she'd make a comfy pillow....     

Anyway, I slithered into the room trying to not scare her and prepared her a meal. I put the plate on the floor and waited for her coming down to eat. But she didn't show any sign of movement. Just kept staring at me. I thought she might be a shy one and wouldn't be coming to the plate when I was around, so decided to leave the room. Then...

Aaagh! She came after me and scratched the back of my calves all the way from top to bottom!! 

I don't remember how I got rid of her and ran away from the room, but I was scared to death thinking she would try to slice me into pieces if I stay there any longer.

After getting back to my house and treated the wound, I realized that the cat must not have intended to hurt me but only tried to let me stay longer in the room and to play with me.

Cats are cute. I know they'll make a sweet pet. Yet, my memory with that cat is so terrifying that I still get a bit of hesitant to be friendly with a cat....  


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(*^_^*) It's a story I can tell with glee, but believe me, you'd be scared to death with a big cat coming after you all of a sudden. lol