Mar 21, 2013

one minute speech

I'm going to attend a TM meeting this coming Saturday for the first time as an official member. The topic for one minute speech for everyone is about the time you feel spring has come. 
Here is my speech draft. 

 The other day, I was kind of feeling down and taking a nap in the living room. Then I heard some small sound coming from outside. It was like dry leaves rustling and it kept on and off for some minutes. Sometimes a stray cat comes to have a daytime nap, but It was not likely the sound by a cat. The day after, when I went out of the front door, I had a glance at the garden, and there, it was. A bulbul, ひよどり. So when I feel spring is finally around is when I see some birds, which are not around during writer, come back to my place and move around, chirp, and eat nectar of flowers. 

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