Mar 23, 2013

(呟き)further more devastating news

The news a LDP team trying to come up with a new plan for renovating an English examination to university rapidly was spread among Japanese English teachers on the net. They made an announcement that they'd like to propose using TOEFL as a standard test in replacement of the present one. This news was good enough for me to get furious. Then soon after, I came across even more pathetic, hysterically crazy, ill-intended arguments at one of popular, not necessarily in a good way, English teachers, aka a charismatic teacher of a major prep school.

The discussion he made is that; TOEFL is too difficult for ordinary high schoolers, yes quite true, so we need to have some MORE tests that the English ability of students can be measured properly...

Seriously, I'm way beyond fury. I'm in sorrow by now.

What on earth can people be that greedy and shred to sell their names and be rich?
What makes so many people naively believe that he always says the right thing and agree to the rubbish he made? It's all over what he writes or says that he uses same meticulously calculated logic with an evil intention and trying to lure people into becoming a forever learner. Once they're caught up in the vicious circle of his words, then there is no way for them to skip away. They're sure to end up spending huge amount of money to buy new textbooks or so called empowering books, which is supposed to be there to cheer up people and boast their motivation to learn English, but truth is, rather works the other way around and leads readers to nourish a closed mindset. That really sucks!

*He says universities should be able to choose which test they use; Different tests require more classes exclusivity for preparing for the particular test, and also new textbooks will be in need, thus he's likely to have more and more job opportunities as a teacher and an author. Lucky him?! 
*He has to be a masochist, or he wouldn't be enjoying so much to see young people agonizing or keep sucking the sweat of boys and girls studying for nothing...      

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