Mar 4, 2013


I just got have a talk with an English teacher from Australia and an old Japanese man, an owner of Jyuku, and we had a hilarious experience that proves crystal clear that Japanese have been learning totally useless English words at school. The conversation went like this:

Aussie:  彼はすぐに別のことをやりだすんですよ。
Japanese man: So he's fickle, right?
Aussie: What does it mean, fickle?
Me: He means capricious.
Aussie: What is it, capricious? (He looked them up in a dictionary.)
Aussie: Oh, I see. 気が変わりやすいですね。知らなかったあ~

You see, he's a properly educated man, now in a master's course at some well-known university in Tokyo. But he doesn't know the two words, which we, Japanese, are familiar with. That is just abroad, don't you think?
We Japanese have to learn such a big but useless vocabulary for the examinations to enter university, when our speaking fluency is not at all up to the level that we can enjoy small talk with ease. A big change has to come right away... 

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