Mar 21, 2013


I was kind of considering to close the blog since I'm not likely to find a new intriguing topic to write about any more, but hey!, I came across a news about English education in Japan I found it  too hilarious not to rant and rave over.

The discussion group? of LDP has decided to give some thought into using TOEFL for the examination to enter university. 
But you know, they made a guideline some years ago for high schoolers that what kind of English ability they should be able to use when they graduate high school.

The guideline says that

日常的な話題って書いてあるよ。But TOEFL is the English for academic use... Am I not right?

The English you have to learn for TOEFL and the one you use in daily life are totally different.
You'd never be a fluent user if you focus on the English for TOEFL... sigh...

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