Mar 1, 2013


きたー!この感覚だね! なんかわかったかも、適度な利用方法が。。。

There goes without saying that watching and listening carefully to movie and drama would make great rapid  progress in your English ability. But the difficult part is that it's not easy to find the right one for you to enjoy. No matter how good your listening ability is, unless you're a perfect bilingual, before long you might be irritated to know there're many things you can't grasp well, due to your poor listening ability or the lack of the knowledge, like history or custom, which is needed to understand the story you're watching. As a result, the enthusiasm you felt at first would wane along the way and you'd tend to watch them with your mind drifting somewhere else.

But if you're fortunate to come across a movie or drama that you fall head over heals in love, amazing things will happen on you. That's what I've been experiences since yesterday. I got to find some drama, that I cannot recommend to anyone since there're quite a few brutal, gross, or erotic scenes, and I've been watching it on some secret site for free^^;

I was totally at a loss to know what the story is about or what kind of English they're speaking when I was watching the first three or four stories. There was close to nil things I was able to understand. But the shortage of my understanding didn't deprive my enthusiasm this time. I'm so into some of the main characters and I really want to know what future holds upon them; if they'd end up suffering a lot or being able to survive somehow, as the story goes, it doesn't bother me at all that how little I can understand. I kept watching it for about two hours when I was lying in the bed at night. 

Then, lo and behold!, this morning I was watching the story and I found myself grasping clearly several words and now I'm sure they're speaking ENGLISH. lol

It may be too quick to conclude, but I confirmed again the importance of choosing the right material to each learner. The right material would let you experience the Aha moment and learn a lot unconsciously, but textbooks, compiled for the people in general, are hard to move learners as fur as they can learn even when they're not conscious that they're learning.   

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Whiskers said...

Congratulations, emmie-san! I'd like to ask you the title but I know better. :) Happy watching!