Feb 16, 2013


I was having a happy kindle time at a nearby cafe, then two men sitting next to me began to talk about learning English and TOEIC. I was soon distracted and kept listening to their conversation. From the talk, it turned out that one of two was an owner of some company and he talked about what kind of people he'd like to hire:

"If there are two job seekers; one, a graduate of a prestigious university, with one year experience of studying abroad and a high score of TOEIC, and another, graduated from so-so university with a low score of TOEIC, who had devoted his life as a student into some kind of social activities, I'd definitively go on the second person. 
I think the first one is only interested in building up a personal history that is thought to appeal to recruiters in general. But the latter chose to be led by his own inner voice and pursued what he really wanted to do rather than following widespread ideas. He might be willing to take a risk if necessary on the job. I don't care what his TOEIC score is like."

There're tons of textbooks for TOEIC, and schools also encourage students to take the test saying TOEIC is a must for job hunting. But I highly doubt if a company turns down a promising candidate simply because the score is low. I'm sorry to see so many young people and also older people have to struggle and waste their precious time preparing for the test, in which there is nothing worthwhile you'd ever learn. 




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