Feb 7, 2013

(呟き)learned a lesson yesterday...

It's in February and still I'm writing the blog everyday! Hooray! My resolution this year has not been broken yet. This really is something you can boast about, isn't it? But yesterday I was almost likely to fail keeping it up because of my hon's early coming back from the work. Wednesday is the day everyone in his office is asked to leave for home earlier on the designated time by work rules, in which workers have to learn the way to tackle the work more effectively and to complete it in working hours. As the saying goes, 旦那元気で外がいい; husbands, good in health, better not at home, once he gets back, there is no room for me to hang around in the tiny living room, and to make the matter worse, he gets possession of the main PC that I can't write a blog. I managed to write with iPod yesterday, but it's too much bother. So I'll change my schedule of a day and start a day off by posting the blog.
Also, I'd like to make a better use of this blog, so I'll highlight some words and expressions in the post that I found them useful and worth memorizing for future use.    

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orihime said...

Telling you the truth, I myself keep a-not-open-to-public diary in English since the end of last year. I found your "highlight" technique is the one that I have been lookng for. How do you collect those "phrases" you found useful? I just think it is too much to write them down whenever you across such words.

BTW, I got a "care package" from my mom(yes, my mom is the type of the person who loves to send everything she finds interesting to her daughter although the daughter is reaching fifty in a year or so...) Inside, I found Dr, Seuss 's picture books!

It was a big surprise for I had just finished reading "Who was Dr,Seuss?"

One of the copies was "Oh, the places you'll go!" It is a good one for everyone who will start a new life in spring!