Feb 9, 2013

(呟き)got hit by a grooving idea

Been to a high school yesterday and I had got some a super cool idea for using and learning English with high schoolers! Everything about studying English at junior high or high school s*cks, right? Only very tiny number of English teachers knows what their English ability can be used in the real world. Some of them are into English language itself, but because of their enthusiasm for it, they tend to forget what English means for their students. Not every student will be a teacher of English or a specialist of languages like a translator; it's enough for them to be a competent user that they can communicate easily and swiftly. It has nothing to do with knowing complicated rules or being able to use big words or jargon.

So, I'm wondering to start a new small project on the Net and look for students who want to enjoy the project together both on the Net and also in real life, and hopefully after doing the project, be more interested and get serious in learning English.

I got to know so many talented and experiences people in Tokyo and some of them are experts of languages and others publishing business. It'd be possible to start a mind-boggling project for those English teachers in Japan who forever cling to the idea that students have to study hard and be able to use grammatically correct and native like English, or they would never be a good user of English. I've already sent some emails to the people who might gladly offer their thoughts and ideas about my plan, so it won't be too long before I'd start to build a new site or something for the new project.


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