Feb 3, 2013


I'm a teeny tiny little bit involved in the publishing business and I sometimes help manga-ka to publish their works in English. I got to know some translators and one time I was asked to join a contest of manga translation. Of course, I don't intend to do manga translation as a job, so I didn't apply for, but one of my friend in Canada took part in the contest, and and...
She, Shimizu-san, got the first prize and she'll be coming to Japan to attend an award ceremony. WOW!
Manga translation battle

I came to know her about a year ago while I was leisurely net-surfing and got curious to know her more, so I sent just a greeting e-mail and began to talk over twitter or texting. I've never imagined I'd have a chance to meet her so soon. See? If you're able to use the Net with ease, chances are you'd be able to come to know such amazing people no matter where you live.  

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