Feb 18, 2013


書いたものが消えると、もうしゅるるる~ もうやる気が起こりませぬ。
I just wrote today's entry about the second speech and I thought it made a good one, but, but, I accidentally deleted it and I can't gather up the motivation to write it again. I just skip today and try tomorrow to write it again.
It has something to do with "transitional phrases"


Whiskers said...

veUnbelievable! Even you sometimes make mistakes like that? It happens all the time and I curse myself. But knowing you sometimes delete text by mistake makes me relax... Anyway, I'm sure what you wanted to write is in your head and you'll have no problem!

Mrs.Malone_emmie said...

Of course, it happens upon me all the time, too. This time I was able to organize my thoughts quite neatly, so my appointment was huge... learned the hard way...