Feb 11, 2013


It's just a reminder to myself and it's about the importance of thinking aimlessly and leisurely..., well, I don't know how to explain it properly in English and can't come up with any specific words, but it's best described with some onomatopoetic words like ウダウダウダウダ・・・・

I often do udauda thinking when I have something troublesome sticking in my mind. At first, I try to make it clear what exactly bothers me by looking at the problem from a different point of view or wondering,  what if I were someone another who lives in a totally different society, what kind of advice the imaginary I would give me. This process is anything but difficult and I'd even enjoy it as if I were playing a role in a play.

But after some time, I begin to worry realizing that I'm not one bit coming closer to any insight or  conclusion that would resolve my problems soon, and that's the time when I'm likely to feel a great fear of being failure. I say to myself that what a dumb person I am and I'm too nuts to do anything beneficial to the society. The best I can do might be to shut myself tight and stay calmly in the peaceful small space of my house. What's the point of burdening myself with things that I don't need to carry on to begin with.

I think it's not only me and you may be sometimes overwhelmed with those pessimistic ideas. But   what I found just a moment ago is that doing ウダウダ forever twirling thinking and letting myself in such a hopeless mindset could be an unavoidable, or even a necessary process that I'd rather  wholeheartedly welcome. Because after doing ウダウダ thinking for two days, I was able to narrow the things that has been bothering me lately down into more specific themes that I need to overcome. I feel like reaching the first step that I'd be able to tackle the problem productively. So if such a moment that you feel hit by a lightening of sparkling ideas would come only after prolonged ウダウダthinking, then nothing's wrong being ウダウダ or ウジウジウジウジ once in a while.....   

BTW, it's was an idea for a ice breaker speech that I got this morning out of the blue while I was preparing for breakfast, and do you know what happens if you do ウダウダ while you're at something, you may end up burning the bread...

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