Feb 1, 2013


I've been thinking quite a long while that we, teachers interested in tadoku or those who're totally against the conventional ways of teaching English in Japan, should have a place to get together on the internet and exchange our opinions or struggles we have to face in each class every day more openly and honestly.

Lately, I've been talking bloody actively with some English teachers and they're sure to be heading for the same direction, so I'm going to build a *facebook page* and will see if there are many teachers or students who intend to be a member of it. I strongly thing it's high time to try to make a much more big movement and seek for a way to change EFL in Japan completely and drastically, or we teachers have to keep witnessing the tragedy of many young Japanese agonizing themselves for nothing and ended up hating English.

I want to believe that many English teachers seem to keep on doing the same old types of lessons, but it's not because they're lazy or anything but rather they don't know yet there are more pleasant and truly meaningful things outside the suffocating so called Eigo Mura world. Once they realize that, they'll be able to change everything that stop keeping their students from becoming an efficient user of English.

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orihime said...

I would like to join your FB community once you create one(though I am not an avid supporter of FB.)

Let us know when you are ready!