Jan 14, 2013

(呟き)when there is nothing interesting to write...

It's holiday today and my family are going out for shopping, so I'm going to write a short one first thing in the morning (I'm trying not to use PC in the morning because it's no good for the health of my back, but I think it wouldn't make much harm if I use PC just for ten minutes or so; that's mostly the way I justify myself...).

I was thinking if I'm going to stick to the new year resolution, that I'm going to write a blog entry every single day this year, I've got to come up with some easy topic that I can write about right away in just ten or twenty minutes' sitting. Dokuzetu or kvetching is the things I'm quite good at^^; and easy to write, but I feel sorry for the visitors to my blog, who happen to find my blog while Net surfing, made to read my grumblings, so when I don't have enough time to write, I'll just pick one site or tool/app that I think is useful for enjoying/learning English and introduce it here.

It's 60 second series of Science American podcast, which is a very short, only one minute, program and you can read transcripts and also listen to the audio. It's not for language learners, so the English is not easy and the audio is spoken in natural speed, but again it's only 60 seconds!. These is no time for anyone to be distracted. Just try to grasp the main idea of the talk, that's just all you have to do. You can catch up with the up-front of science or technology in one minute, isn't it wonderful?

I think many of the English textbooks largely used at Japanese schools deal with many topics  of liberal arts, but stories about science and technology are scarce; maybe English teachers who compile the books are not into those field, but there should be some students who want to read those otakish subjects. Am I not right?


Whiskers said...

I'm not very sure about the textbooks, but in entrance exams there are all kinds of topics, which means eventually they read not only liberal arts topics but also about science or technologies. And the latter is quite interesting.

My impression is that science stories in textbooks are often too difficult to understand. However, there are much easier and more interesting ones everywhere only if you try to find one.

Mrs.Malone_emmie said...

I see. So there ARE articles about S&T in the textbooks, but somehow I don't remember reading them. I think I can tell why I don't and I'm going to write it in today's post. Thanks for providing an idea for a new post^^/