Jan 10, 2013

(活用)Kitchen for Listening

In the other entry, I introduced a super convenient app, TuneIn and it's so easy to use that I can't start a day without listening to some interesting, and often educational and enlightening, radio programs across the world. It's pretty much a miracle thinking back the days when I have to bring audio of English conversation *physically* with music tapes from NY if I want to immerse myself in conversational casual English. I still keep several music tapes of rock music in 80's, which I recorded on the tapes while I was listening to the music programs on radio in NY.

But no more hassle is required by now. All sorts of radio programs; music, speeches, lectures, whatever you like, are available no matter where you live. All you need to have is a gadget like a smart-phone, an iPod, or a tablet and also the connection to the Net. Some might listen to the program on the way work or school and some at home.

The small kitchen is the place where I enjoy the radio and I listen to different programs while I'm preparing for bento every morning. I'll show you what it's like withe a picture. ^^;

(Another picture with an old CD player connected to my favorite kindle touch! and I'm listening to a story with text to speech function.)

What a crowded place I put the gadgets?! but this is the real shelf I have at the back of my small kitchen. I can listen to the radio program all the time I'm working on around the sink or the burner and the sound comes straight to me from my back. I make the volume the highest when I have nobody around, so my kitchen in the early morning is always filled with wave of English talks of various topics and different, colorful accents. 

How messy it may look, this is the best way for me to get used to English sound and it sure is fun and fruitful way of learning English. 


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