Jan 8, 2013


Gadgets are the must items for users/learners of English, let alone for teachers. But there seems to be only few teachers who are familiar with those handy gadgets and put them into practical use in the class. Many of Japanese English teachers, unfortunately, have yet realized that they can provide great opportunities to learn English with a fun way for the students if only they have one or two inexpensive gadgets.

The very first time I realized myself understanding casual talk of an English radio program was when I was making my way through a wooded area to my workplace at university. For about that  thirty minute walk, I always listen to an accompanied audio tape of CNN learning English magazine with Sony's walk-man! It was long ago that the only gadget I was able to use easily was a walk-man.

A walk-man or an audio tape is now like a fossil that young people don't know what they're even for. I let my student play it with a tape recorder one time during the class, but he couldn't figure out how to use them by himself and I have to explain they way to use them.... It's hard not to feel that you've grown really old as you see those youngsters who are unfamiliar with an old simple gadget or when you come across a dozen of multi-functional gadgets displayed on the shelves at the store.  

Now, I'm going to show you what gadgets I use for what particular purposes.

-PC is mainly for writing something in social network sites such as FB and twitter, and occasionally for some translation job I do for a publisher or self-publishing manga-ka.
When I translate, I have to use several sites at the same time; Merriam-Webster dictionary, Thesaurus, Urban Dictionary, Google and so on, so I can't do without a PC. It's not often but I do skype sometimes on PC and practice/enjoy speaking in English on an inexpensive online conversation lesson.

-Tablet is mainly for reading articles. I read articles of friends' blogs and the sites I'm currently into. I frequently use two app; *Flipboard* for news and *eReader* for reading blogs.

-kindle3 and kindle touch is for reading/listening to ebook and also for intensive reading of blog articles. If you're a Chrome user, you can send any blog article to your kindle with just one click by*klip.me*.

-iPod(+ wifi) iPod is my long time friend in a walking time and I listen to podcast or audio books. Also my best friend during the cooking time is this fascinating app, *Tunein *, that I listen to several radio stations every morning.

As you can see I use different gadgets for diffident aspects of using language, listening, reading, writing and speaking. Opportunities for speaking wouldn't be sufficient nor thoroughly pleasant if you have to do it with a help of gadgets, but to enforce other three skills of acquiring/using language, you've got to take full advantage of new gadgets and get use to handing them. 


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