Jan 6, 2013

(活用)Fun with Snail mailing 世界の人とポストカードで交流!

Emails are so handy that I can't imagine how I could manage to live just one day without using it. But don't you sometimes miss the days when we exchanged messages with more care and enthusiasm by sending handwritten mails? I got a new year greeting postcard from my old friend at work and she taught me a wonderful site for exchanging physical mails.

It's Postcrossing and you can send and receive mails from people all over the world, 214 countries as of today. How exciting! I just made my account and will read more how the system works in details. Loot at the *What is happening now?* section in the main page. You can tell many people are receiving a postcard or sending one. I noticed some Japanese are already in there enjoying the exchanges. Imagine what it's like to receive a mail every now and then from someone who you know nothing about and lives in a country you have yet visited. It's a bit of intimidating experience because you won't be able to tell what kind of postcards or messages, pleasant or formal, you'd get, but still it should provide you an opportunity that you can get to know more people around the world and make use of your English in real life.

snail mailで結ばれる縁が貴重なものに思えますよね。

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