Jan 22, 2013

(呟き)Fake it till you make it.

Today I'd like to share with you two empowering messages I had almost at the same time. The first one is from an e-mail and the second from an online conversation lesson. Surprisingly both of them taught me the same important lesson that I was like meant to be learn.

Here is a message for people who are serious to be fluent in English this year; Year of English .
I think it's okay to share, so here I go. 

Build your confidence
It's hard to communicate with other English learners when you lack confidence. When you're worried about your accent, your grammar mistakes, your small vocabulary, or other flaws, you speak less. Speaking less means that you get less practice and improve more slowly.

So how can you build your confidence?

There's a saying in English, "Fake it 'till you make it." It means to pretend to be good at something, and pretend to feel confident. As you continue, your fake confidence will be replaced by real competence (which means being good at something).    (from Year of English ML)

Yes! Speaking English is very intimidating and sometimes embarrassing when there is someone who can speak much better English than you around, so if you were not confident enough, you're likely to speak less and less, and you'd end up missing a chance to be a better speaker. What a waste...

But to be confident of yourself is easier said than done, right? It's about your mindset, so you can't tell exactly how you can be the one with a confident mind. But to fake or to pretend is more specific and easy to be done by changing your attitude. It's simple but very powerful advice, isn't it?

Then, I had a thirty minute conversation with a young guy and when we were talking about the size of our body, like people in Japan are rather slim compared to those in US, his nonchalant word really hit me. I explained why I like to use a word chubby to describe myself, ever though I know the word might sound pitiful or self-deprecating, he said, "why don't you say just healthy. If you say so, you can be the one." Yes! That's so true.

Sometimes the right thing happens upon you, if only being in seek for it, at the right time...  

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