Jan 5, 2013

(活用)chat in FB フェースブックでチャット

I think many Japanese use twitter and facebook and they can be a terribly easy way to communicate with people around the world.

While I was writing the previous blog entry, a chime, which informs an arrival of a chat message, rang and it was a message from my net friend, a native speaker of Spanish, living in U.S.. I came to know her in a FB (facebook) fan group of Japanese manga-ka and started to chat frequently when we're both at home. She's way younger than me, so it could be hard to find a topic that both of us can be interested in, but since we're into certain manga-ka or books that the difference in age won't be an obstacle.

When you talk about something you're madly into, how you write is rarely an issue, but what you know is the thing your friends are concerned about. No matter how beautiful or correctly your writing can be, your friend won't come back to you repeatedly if they have nothing to gain from the talk with you or your talk won't make them happy. If you have something interesting to tell, then people ready to give an ear to are always out there!

I like .... / Oh me too. / great!/ how about ... / What? / A new one. / I don't know....


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