Jan 9, 2013


I just came back from a lunch with my friend at a small restaurant in the neighborhood. It's called a community cafe and slightly different from an ordinary one whose primary purpose is gaining profit. The cafe has started from a group of members of co-op in Tokyo and operated  based on a corporative style management; all the people who work there are involved in the decision making and receive the equal amount of compensation for their contribution.

While I was walking around my neighborhood in a cold and rainy day at the end of the last year, I happened to find that small cafe and got into there alone as I had a hunch that there must be some people who live in accordance with such a philosophy, as I'm guided with, that safe, natural food and local community are the heart of peaceful and vital societies.

I'm planning to have a talk with the leader some time soon and see if they're interested in holding a small gathering of tadoku/enjoy English session once or twice a month during day time. That's not about profit or teaching English, but for making the better use of many books of my library, that are mostly cover with dust for not having anyone to read, and also to spread new and more enjoyable ways of learning English through grown-ups to their children or even to grandchildren.



orihime said...

Wow, it sounds like a awesome chance to open up your own real "TADOKU CAFE"! The TADOKU CAFE I am currently involved in also shares the concept of community cafe, which seems to work best for spreading the idea of TADOKU and giving the chance to get to know more about it. Please keep posting how the things are working with you.

Hope your new year will be wonderful for you and your family!

Mrs.Malone_emmie said...

Thanks for the reassuaring comment, orihime-san. I once tried to start a gathering at a community center in my town, but it turned out to be too much hassle; to keep the room in advance or put on a notice on a monthly city newspaper. The cafe I'm talking about is situated close to a coop store, so every morning some local farmers bring fresh and crisp vegetables and sell them in front of the cafe. There are many frequent customer for the vegetable corner, so I don't need to pay any extra time or efforts to promote my gather. That means a lot because I'm still stranger in this town and don't have many friend to invite to the meeting. Please keep crossing your fingers!