Jan 30, 2013


What will I do with my blog when there is nothing I want to talk about particularly  Yet! it's a rants and raves time. It's not like I'm always looking for a topic that I can be fussy about, but funny English are all over the place where they shouldn't be in the first place.

My son is going to the central Tokyo the day after tomorrow as a school excursion, so he asked me to check the plan sheet and sign my name on it. As I turned it nonchalantly, I found a page with some English messages. It looks like the school encourages the students to talk to the people who look like coming from other countries and have an opportunity to use what they learned during the English lesson. Well, I think it's soft of crazy and even dangerous for youngsters to talk to strangers in a big town like Tokyo, simply because they're non-Japanese and might be speakers of English, but it's not the thing I'm concerned about today.  

I flipped through the brochure, then I ran  into two silly English sentences; "... to touch foreign culture..." and we'd like to practice my English." Oh boy.... The first one must be a direct translation of 文化に触れ、and the latter witnesses the lack of knowledge of English grammar, crystal-clearly.  

Isn't it pathetic? The one who wrote those laughable sentences must be the head teacher of English at junior high school. How on earth are Japanese kids able to be a competent, good user of English when they have to learn English from totally unqualified teachers who can't write such a simply easy sentence correctly in English? I'm such a fussy mother that I sometimes visit the school and ask them to work around when something problematic happens. Then I wonder if I should go there again and let them be aware that how dumb they look like if they keep on writing such a poor English in an official material...

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