Jan 28, 2013


The other day I went to an English speech contest for high school students and wondered what makes a good speech or if there is anything beneficial for English learners in practicing speech making, what could it be? So I made a research on the Net with some keys words such as speech or presentation. That's when I came to know an international organization dedicated for a speech making, ToastMasters.

Their meeting was held in a nearby community hall and I decided to join the meeting as a visitor for the first time. I was so nervous when I opened the door to the meeting room, but a guy came to me and said hello right after I opened the door and he kindly ushered me to a seat, so I was relieved and able to join the meeting rather in a relaxing mood. トーストマスターズ吉祥寺

There are about twenty participants and they started a short one minute speech about the movie they like. Everybody took turns and made a speech. Then the next section was for the people who were going to make a longer speech like four to seven minutes. This is the main part of the meeting. Two of the speeches are done in Japanese and the rest in English. Each speech was intriguing and I really enjoyed listening to them and also surprised to see how naturally or confidently they move or speak while the a speech. 

What makes the meeting interesting is that not only the speakers, but all the participants have their own role such as a time keeper, a ballot collector (good speakers are chosen and praised at the end of the meeting), or an over all adviser, so you'd have no time being bored or zoned out, not one bit. There is a well established process already, so everything goes smoothly and harmoniously.

Since there are many young people, I don't know I can catch up with their speed easily or I'd have anything to tell that could please young people, but I may join the next meeting and decide if I'll be an official member of not.

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