Jan 26, 2013


It's weekend and should be a day off for making a blog entry, but I can't help but writing a short notice about what I'm going to write about next time because the meeting I participated was really something. I don't have enough time to report an event I joined today in detail, but it was an entertaining and thrilling gathering. So, what think kind of a gathering do you think I joined today? The other day I wrote an entry about a speech contest and I got curious about something; what makes a presentation and a speech different. I was surfing the inter net to look for an answer and I ran into this international organization, whose purpose is to practice making a good speech with members! I've never heard of it, so I was a bit nervous to join the meeting for the first time, but it turned out be a very stimulating experience and I'm inspired to join the bimonthly meeting from the next time.
Here is a link to the home site of the organization; Toastmasters International    


Whiskers said...

Huh? Could you use the PC, or did you write the entry on your cellphone? Anyway, you always surprise me, emmie-san. You found an organization and attended a meeting? Wooow. And you're gonna join it? Can't wait to hear more.

By the way, are you changing the subtitle of your blog from time to time? I noticed two different ones so far. Did I miss any?

Mrs.Malone_emmie said...
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Mrs.Malone_emmie said...

Sorry, I change the blog title from time to time. I know it'd be bothering, but my idea about learning/using English has been greatly changed, so I kind of want a new title besides *tadoku* in it.