Jan 13, 2013


I remembered now that I've got to write down, before I forget everything, what I've done yesterday in the tadoku class at high school (I keep forgetting to take a note of the lesson plan right after each class that I completely forget what I've done the previous year and have to come up with a new idea again from scratch for the class every year, even though I've been teaching the class for more than 5 years now...).

I usually have a small session, for about ten minutes, of my talk before tadoku and provide students some ideas or info about tools or sites that I think they can learn/enjoy English in more pleasant and convenient ways.

I picked up a dialog from ESP yesterday. The dialogue is set in a cafe; a guy, being in a rush, wants to buy just a cup of *plain* coffee, but the clerk has to follow the manual of attending customers and began to ask him many questions like what kind of coffee he'd like to have and.... There are many useful expressions and I think many of my students will have a chance to use some of them in future such as *to go*, which I wasn't able to understand right away the first time I heard at MacDonald in NY or some other place.

ESP Podcast 795  
give me coffee で、何でもいいからだしてくれればいいのになー

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