Jan 11, 2013


Oh, boy..., it's already in the early evening and the sun is getting lower to hind behind the buildings, with the air more crisp and cold, and yet I've not finished my self-imposed work; to write a blog post every day no matter short or poorly written it'd be.

I'm basically a stay-at-home mom, so I should have heaps of time to do whatever I feel like, but maybe I have too many things I want to do considering my getting sluggish as I get older, my to-do-list seems to get hopelessly longer and longer each day... Well, so I don't have time to come up with any topic I want to dig in that I'll just keep some word I got across and scribbled down on a notebook while I was reading a book at the small corner of a supermarket with a cup of hot 100 yen drink in one hand. 

It was that kind of a place where people are passing by busily and energetic kids are fidgeting around the table, mothers scolding. It'd not make an ideal space for many of you, I guess, but I have a peculiar habit that I can concentrate on more at work where noise and bustle surrounds me. There I was reading a book closely and intensively, and to my delight, I pinned down very interesting word. I often do dokuzetu, as many of you are aware of by now, that I kind of do rant and rave, so I wanted to find another word to describe my habitual behavior. There was one in the book! It's *kvetching*. I think this word got some unusual and odd sound by itself and it goes well as the sound of dokuzetsu....

Now you might be wondering the title of the book. Is it unlikely a fiction? I've been reading some non-fiction, mostly about descriptive writing, these days and I found the word kvetching in one of the most insightful and witty books. I'm planning to introduce some of them soon; I guess free writing method is not suffice nor rather inappropriate for Japanese students, who're not yet fluent English speakers.     



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