Jan 7, 2013


As the end of last year rolled around, I began to ponder what new year resolutions I'd make next year. I've come up with several resolutions I'd like to pursue, but I wasn't inclined to write them down in the blog as I've done before because, as Murphy's law implies, the new year resolution are made to be broken.

Actually one of my resolutions is already abandoned^^; only in three days from the beginning of this year; I subscribed to a mailing list of English learners who want to be fluent in English this year but I keep forgetting reading it. I assumed the challenge, to be fluent, is just right for me but the suggestions I got from the mailing list turned out to be ordinarily, boring ones like writing down new words and phrases on a card and read them frequently until you memorize them all... What a mediocre advice it is. Well, nothing is wrong with the organizers of the mailing list who came up with the idea to encourage people every day with a mail. That'll make a good support for beginners. But those suggestions are mundane for me, and maybe most of English learners in Japan, since many learners in Japan are familiar with various kinds of approaches and methods. Still many Japanese are struggling to be good at speaking/writing in English after exercising every single method you'd imagine for more than several years.

It's not how to that I'm in need of. What I'm looking for might be a bit of tricks and generous words that can boost the passion I have, which is easily waned that I have no particular opportunities to use English in daily life.



Whiskers said...

Hi emmie-san! Your blog looks totally different and new! I'm so glad that you're writing on this blog again.

You subscribed to a mailing list which gives daily tips for English study? Ha ha. You are the one who should give advice to others.;)

Looking forward to reading more here!

Mrs.Malone_emmie said...

Hi Whiskers-san,

The adviser of the mailing is not a Japanese teacher, so I thought there should be some ideas that I've not thought of. I guess he's writing the mail for promoting his method or products to English learners^^;.

I don't know I'd be able to keep posting a new entry every day, but I have to do something in more dedicated ways, or there wouldn't be any conspicuous progress from now on, that's what I came to realize at the end of last year...