Jan 21, 2013


As I was walking down the hall at school, I found a flyer of the Japan Times and thought there must be something useful I can learn from, so I brought it back to my home and started to read, and..., it turned out it was just an ordinarily question&explanation of some past entrance examination tests.

And I found a question I was not able to understand.

Q. 次の英文の下線部の中に、「文法上」正しくない形のものがある。。。(2012年度一橋大学の問題より)
A. As a shy kid grew up in Canada, →
     As a shy kid growing up in Canada, (answer)

I went What?! Is there anything wrong *grammatically* with the first sentence???
Someone, please, tell me why...


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Mrs.Malone_emmie said...

何が笑えるって、設問には「文法上正しくない」なのに、解説では「意味が通らない」ことを理由に間違いとしているんだよ。 ほんとにねー、問題作成者、自分が何したいのかわかってないんだろうね。。。