Jan 5, 2013

((活用)a must function, text to speech 音派の人に読み上げ機能

When I bought Kindle3 two or three? years ago, ebook readers were one of those gadgets that only geeks are eager to buy. It was so unlikely to run into someone using them in public. But the situation has been rapidly changing since the debut of several reasonably priced readers such as kobo and kindle paperwhite last year. On the way to Comiket83, the guy sitting beside me was reading Japanese novel with KPW, and on the way back home, a young lady was reading something with a cute kobo. Both of the gadgets are really light and handy that I strongly encourage you to buy one if your otoshidama allowance is stored in your piggy-bank.

Those new readers are quite useful and tempting, but the new gadget I bought at the end of last year was not one of them but an old series, kindle tough, which has been long out of stock and it doesn't seem they'd produce the same series again. Kindle touch is heavier than KPW and costs about double of KPW. There seems to be no merit for buying touch. Then why did I buy the old one? It's because kindle touch is the only gadget that comes with text to speech function other than kindle3, as least as far as I know. Text to speech is an ideal function for English learners, so I think it's worth paying double if you're the kind people who prefer listening to stories to reading them.

旬なkindleと言えばkindle paper whiteですよね。
でも私がkindle3の次に買ったのは、生産終了した模様のkindle touch!
text to speechが必要だから。
kindle touchでは、スピードを3段階で設定できるのもいいですね。

In the next entry I'm going to show you how I listen to stories with kindle tough with a picture of a small corner of my kitchen. Bye now!

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