Dec 22, 2012


The Christmas is just around the corner, and when it's over, in less a week, we're going to celebrating a new year. Phew... I've not ready at all for anything and truth be told, I don't intend to do many things in a rush for preparation. When my kids are small, I enjoying decorating a Christmas tree with them, but those days are long gone by now. My daughter will be busy doing a short-term part time job at Yucho and my son will be playing with friends or doing games as usual that what they're concerned about is only if they'd have what kind of a cake on the Eve. I'll be making a small one with a ready-made sponge cake, strawberries and lots of chocolate cream.

Now, as the end of the year is coming closer, I'm wondering for some time what I'm going to do next year. I'm not that sticky kind person and very easy to fed up with whatever things I'm crazy about. One think I'm not sure is this blog.

When I started the blog, it's was natural for me to put tadoku in the title and over the course of several years I've come to know so many tadoku lovers and tadoku facilitators. The blog played a big role for my tadoku days. But there are quite a number of tadoku related blogs by now, I don't find any reason or purpose to keep on writing posts about tadoku.

Sometimes I wondered if I should change the title or start a new blog with topics that has nothing to do with tadoku, but it's kind of bothersome... So, I'll keep using this blog, but posts will be more learning intended one, I mean I'll be using the blog as a note book and record unfamiliar phrases or rules I learned from reading books that it'd look like an ordinarily learners blog. I just hope only those people who're now totally comfortable with reading English books and aware that you won't be able to be an efficient user of English will keep reading new posts.


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