Nov 20, 2012


I know there are lots of learning English materials exclusively for kids, but I didn't think it could be this many... Oh dear, dear... (サイトは参考までにです。使ったことはありません。)

Disney My Interactive... 

You see, there are many variety of ways to listen to more natural English these days, then why do kids in Japan have to do without any audio material in hand when they learn English as a compulsory subject? What on earth do people in Ministry in Education expect for kids to learn when they're NOTappropriately supplied with those decent and up-to-date materials to learn the subject??

As I look into the textbooks my kids used, they're eager to grab the interests of children with manga-like flashy illustrations or light weighted textbooks, but can't you come up with something more advanced and meaningful approaches? I wonder if any of them are aware that the learning environment for English is drastically changed in these several years and easy-to-use and reasonably priced gadgets are available worldwide. I have to say it's just pathetic that kids in Japan still need to learn English in such a way that the Japanese in my parents' generation used to proacide in several decades ago. English without any sound is not for kids, right?
It's rumored that many computer equipment is introduced to public schools, but many of them are usually put away at a small corner of classrooms because those gadgets are sometimes already out-of-date when they come to the class and also teachers are too busy to learn how to use each gadget effectively. I bet public schools would be like the last resort by now for many information equipment manufacturers. Once they tie a knot with higher-ups in the ministry, they can sell whatever they want. They don't care if the gadgets actually boast the motivation of kids to learn English or many teachers will welcome them and use them efficiently in the class. 

I didn't mean to rant at first, but it's just impossible not to, when you know the dreadful reality surrounding kids now...        

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