Sep 5, 2012

free udauda writing

Oh, well, I'm likely to abandon this main blog these days. It's not I have nothing to write about or I'm down again with a pain in my back. Before I realize, I was involved in several projects with other English teacher friends or manga-ka friends and I need to keep working on some jobs as if I'm actually working for money. There is no compensation for all the work I'm doing right now, but they're all intriguing and full of new experiences and learning, so I have no regrets for undergoing quite busy days with a bit of overwhelming tasks. I just need to remind myself that I'm not a super-woman that I have to set some limits and shouldn't accept any more work, no matter how tempting it might look.

One of the things I'm asked to do from my teacher friend is to look back the traces I came with my English learning and write some inviting message to people who're also doing tadoku or learning English for some time, but have't got enough insensitive or clues about what they can do with their English ability right this moment.

There're tons of English study books out there in Japan, but they all lack something with their messages. That's is what people can do when they get familiar with English and ready to use it if they are able to gather up their courage. I can be such a worry-later person sometimes that I didn't find much difficulties or obstacles when I wanted to do something English especially on the net, but it seems many people are more cautious before they get down to the business and enjoy using English.

I've gone through many experiences with my using English in communities of my hobby or learning English, so it seems that I have many thing I can tell from my sometimes enjoyable and other times struggling experiences up to now. But I'm likely to forget right away when I'm done something, so it's very time consuming and sometimes shameful to remember the path I came through. It's like I'm made to be naked to tell my own stories.

Now, I'm going to work on some cats manga translation then after that a very pleasant event is waiting for me today and that's is Ginza yummy yummy dinner! Hooray! I've got to work hard and finish today's load...  

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