Aug 18, 2012

To be continued... about my son's English lesson

Now I'm going to grumble about my son's English lesson.

The other day I asked my son if he'd willing to take a private lesson in Jyuku he's going for math and he said OK. But but, yesterday he came back from my hometown, so I showed him a brand new gadget iPod Touch which I bought mainly for him to use in Jyuku, then he said, "Huh? I'd join a class with some other students, but I don't wanna to do a private." WHAT?!!! I explained to him again and again that I don't want him to join an ordinary grammar-oriented class, but you still say you didn't know what I was up to...

What's the use of taking those useless, harmful lessons? Do you parents realize that you'd end up helping your kids to accumulate the sense of vulnerability with extremely hard to understand Japanese grammar explanations if you let them study at Jyuku in general? It's worse than throwing your money in the garbage. That's why I asked Jyuku to set up a special course exclusively for him to learning English with tadoku approach.

I've got to start from scratch again... sigh...

I was devastated with his rejection. There'd be nothing any more I can do for his learning English. It's the end of the world. haha. Then he nonchalantly poured some unbelievable words that he may not resist learning Enligsh from a teacher of native speakers of English. GIVE ME A BREAK! Didn't you always say it's the last thing you wanna to do to go abroad? What's the point of learning real English from native speakers of English if you're unlikely to use it in real life in future?

You know, he's now in the middle of a rebellious phrase, so I have to endure whatever he says to  higher tolerance than usual. I need to treat him with an extra care like taking care of bombs. You never know when it'd explode or what'd be a trigger.

Anyway, I have to make a call to Jyuku and apologize that unfortunately my son's changed his mind and wouldn't agree on taking a private lesson there. Then I'm going to ask an Aussie teacher who works in Jyuku I sometimes help out and see if he'd be able to run a class for my son based on my requests.

It's so pathetic, isn't it? There is this highschooler happily coming to my house and do English even when I require his parents to pay me relatively higher monthly fee or there are some parents asking me to teach English both to them and their kids with tadoku approach. Then why can't I deal with my own son easily and lead him to a more reasonably way of learning English? All he needs to do is to be a copycat and imitate what I do, but it seems that that's what he intends to do over my dead body, at least at the moment, I'm afraid...  

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