Aug 20, 2012

that was fun yesterday

It was a brilliantly amusing day yesterday with my friend and her dear kid. We went to Animate and strolled about the area called Otome road in Ikebukuro. It's summer holiday season and also sunday yesterday that the shop was crowded to the brim with youngsters, visiters from other countries and, also some elder people, who might be asked to go from their grandchildren.
The top floor was exclusively for Gintama and I saw some raw illustrations. I didn't know Gintama is still that popular among young girls. I can tell some young people like my son is attracted to its Oyaji jokes, but it's beyond my understanding what exactly would appeal to young ladies in Gintama... Gin-san is the character you might enjoy to be with in real life, but there are many other manga/anime characters who are attractive like Gin-san. Well, I should be too old to appreciate the charm of those stories fully.
After going to Animate, we went to Tranoana. Those who're heavily into subculture of anime/manga might not have heard the name of the store, but it's like a holly land especially for young girls who can't help making up their own stories in their mind while they watch drama or anime. Many material s there are like fanfic, so it's hard to get buy them unless you go that particular store. You've got to be determined not to open your wallet wide when you enter those stores, but well, how could I stay rational when I see many girls standing in a line with several doujinshi in their arms at the cashier. I ended up spending a piece of Natsume Souseki bill in the end... as usual...
We got rather late going back home, so when I get back to the station that is close to my home, I was in a hurry going around a supermarket to buy foods for dinner. Then to my happy surprise, I ran into some tadoku friend I've not seen for a year or so. She was with her family, so I intended to say just hello and ask her what her tadoku like is like these days, but we ended up talking crazy like an hour. Yeah, I don't think these is an effective way for tadokers to call it a day when they dive into an  endless delirious talk.
I didn't go anywhere special, but it really was an exciting day yesterday. ^^




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