Jul 29, 2012

I wanna talk about tadoku

It's early Sunday morning around six a.m. and already the temperature is close to 30... Oh dear..., it'd good that even this hot days, I seem to be inspired enough to keep doing tadoku and read a long story.
The book was "the Good Earth" by Pearl Buck that I finished yesterdays and I'm fairly satisfied with my understanding of its English and how easily I can read the story. Yet, I'm often frustrated while I'm reading English books thinking if I ever be able to read them more rapidly and smoothly. I think it's a marvelous thing for Japanese in general to be able to read such a thick book  in two to three days, but I don't feel anything that I'm getting a better reader or my reading English became more precise and detailed. I no longer believe that my reading is shallow and that's due to the  shortcoming of my grammar knowledge, but at the same time, I'm so aware of this inevitable and cruel fact that I've got to keep cheering myself up and up and be determined to be a more good reader or user of English, or my progress won't be accelerated enough to see the apparent advances.
Anyway, it was really lucky for me that I ran into Matsumoto-san's book the other day.
Speaking of learning English, as I'm working a little bit at high school and also some high schoolers come to my house to do tadoku and study English with me, I often go check new books about learning English at bookstores and I'm often allured to read those meant-to-be thought-provoking but often rubbish Japanese how-to-learn-English books. I'm such a person of a capricious mind that I tend to be thrilled with those no nothing books and idle away thinking that there should be some reason why I can't see as much progress in my English as I expect. Deep down in my mind, I know there is nothing wrong in my learning English. No matter how eagerly you wish to be a better use of English, without immersing yourself in a vast amount of English through reading and listening, you would never be able to climb up a step and go into the new stage of acquiring English.
Oh boy, it's hot.... I was meaning to write for an hour today since Matsumoto-san's book says we should write English that much everyday, but in this brutal heat, half an hour is the best I can...
Huh? so I wrote I wanna talk about tadoku, but I ended up talking nonsense as usual...  


chico said...

Hey, emmie! rising something for an hour will be easy when you are working on your assignment or thesis :-) While you moan or scratch your head, time will fly. A couple of hours really fly away. You will feel that your precious time is stolen. Oh, this is generalizing. it might be only my case. I am such a ,slow reader and writer as well when it comes to a formal writing. I get stuck on a sentence for half an hour and end up revising it next day. This going round and round at the same point is annoying and frustrating but such frustrations seem like inevitable for my life:-) someone told me that when you get to a certain level of communicative competence, it is very hard to aknowledge your progress unless like you said doing something totally raical- writing an hour everyday and reading three hours. As you know I am on the Master's course ( Silly of me) it is ESSENTIAL to do 5 or 6 hours of intensive study a day if I want to catch other participants. But so far, I do only a couple of hours...and I see no progress in my academic writing. I have not developed radical change in my understanding of theories and ideas in linguistic field. I am very frustrated and quie disappointed with my poor ability to comprehend all the information I got but my great excuse is that I am not a native English speaker and I am doing ok as an EFL learner. the realization of there is no Lala land approach for the steadfast competence for a language is somewhat demortivating for beginners but there are some positive and successful examples even in this country. Let us believe in the words of wisdom of one of my best friends, "If she can, why can't I!"
I need to rebuilt my own kingdom, Sunnyfield English again to serve kids in this community. In order to pursue my lifetime goal, I shall try to go beyond my boundary !!!Hope to see you soon!

Mrs.Malone_emmie said...

Hi chico, thanks for coming and sharing your experiences over a new challenge with me. I'm so happy to have you always there. You're one of few dear friends of me who makes me realize I'm whining over something unseasonable and trivial. If I have time to be a whiner, I should pour that energy to reading or writing in English.
I'm often caught up with the evil circle of like this, admiring what others accomplished like the saying that a yard next door looks brighter than yours. We're all human beings that something enduring and persistent efforts should be there behind all handsome fruits. Lately I tell myself a lot that I should pause for a while some time and learn to appreciate the very moment I'm living in and see how much I've accomplished something with my eye wide open. I tend to think about the future all the time-what I should do next to please myself-so I end up not appropriately acknowledging and parsing what I'd done on my own. Well, in a way it can be said that I should have learned already how to live as a person in middle age... hehe
Oh, it's fine, too fine actually, a day again and I feel like going out! Talk to you again!