Apr 29, 2012

passion なくして

I came to know many readers of English books and they are roughly divided into two groups.

One group is made up of those people who start to read English book out of sheer desire. They usually have some particular books in mind which happened to be written in English. They're desperate to read those books even in English that they decide to learn English more and read lots of books. As a result of passionate and pleasure reading, they become a fluent user of English.

 Here are some comments my friends said after reading long fanfiction stories with PC「読み終えたころには首は痛いし目はチカチカしました」「長編を読んで2週間ぐらいモニタの前でがんばりましたが、終わった頃にはめまいがしました」See? It's very costly to read published English books all the time, so they look for an easier way and read free fanfic stories. But without an ebook reader, it used to be a great hassle to read them. There was no options besides reading them on PC. You've got to stare into the screen for many many hours. 

Now, the other group. People in other group are doing the same, reading English books, but they're i a way totally different. Their primary goals of reading English books is to be a good user of English. They want to be good at using English. Along the way they look for an effective approach to be one, they come across tadoku and start to read lots of books. 

Then, what happens to the people who belong to the latter group? Do they all become a good user of English. I'm afraid many seem to remain a learner of English and forever grumble saying they can't understand English well or they can't read books fast enough. Only few are lucky enough to come to experience the sheer enjoyment of reading books, whatever language the books are written, and grow into a beginner of using English. 

English is a subject you have to study at least for three years as compulsory education in Junior high school in Japan, but I'm often urged to saying that you should stop learning English and do some other more easy and enjoyable pastimes if there is no particular reason you have to learn English. Without passion, nothing will be gained.


orihime said...

It is such a coincidence that what you are saying here is very similar to what I have been thinking these days. A couple of days ago, I wrote about a Thai girl, who speaks fluent English in my blog. In her case, she really loves Hollywood movies and books. Above all, her interest in Western culture motivates her to become a fluent user of English.

We can see other examples when We see the avid ANIME fans from abroad who become the fluent user of Japanese.

In both casese, motivation comes from their inner self,not from the outside factors such as TOEIC or enterence exams.

On the other hand, I have to think about my students. Are they motivated enough to learn English?

Are they REALLY interested in English reading?

These questions haunt me all the time when I face my students.

Thanks to a good entry.


Mrs.Malone_emmie said...

I think many teachers might be wondering the same thing as you do that some day their students are going to be motivated enough and try to be a good use of English.
If English is one of the subjects that you can choose whether you learn or not, nobody has to think over such an endless question, but it seems English will be used as a tool to grade students to enter universities for some time to come, I'm afraid.
But lately people in business world started to realize that their study-only English doesn't play anything in the real life, so they might seek for a better way for their children, and they come to know tadoku inevitably, right?
English is not difficult, if learned the right way and also set the right goal,I believe. I hope many students will get free from useless but tormentingly difficult English studies and learn it under more relaxing ways and in their own paces like tadoku.