Apr 24, 2012




わかった、読めた = 理解度(◎) x 満足度(◎) でも、
わかった、読めた = 理解度(◎) x 満足度(△) でも同等。


わかった、読めた = 理解度(△) x 満足度(◎)



Journey To Bhutan
ABC's Can Harris' rare visit to "the kingdom of happiness."



SEN~o said...

Why didn't you put this article on the shared blog? Anyway, could you put the video onto that link page on our blog?

Whiskers said...

Ha ha, now everybody is asking why you didn't post this on the shared blog.

The other day I watched the drama 'Glee' in English. I couldn't understand every word they spoke, but still I could follow the story quite weill. Even if you don't understand some part, the drama doesn't stop for you, and in the successive flow of the story, you just continue guessing. And I guess all the communication is like this. Usually nobody understands the content 100%.

BTW, the video clip was excellent. I hope their culture wouldn't be ruined by this sudden attention from the world. I was most impressed by the words of the politician worrying that they'd work not for the loyalty(?) but for their self interest. Shouldn't we send all the Japanese politicians to Buhtan for a few years??

Mrs.Malone_emmie said...

Hi Senor,

I started to wonder if the topic is quite right for that blog, which many beginners of tadoku happen to come. What's I'm talking now is something almost impossible for those who haven't gone through certain amount of time or books and I'm afraid it might just annoy and stir their feelings exceedingly...
You know, I don't think I'm doing anything outrageous or super, but but, I just don't know...

Mrs.Malone_emmie said...

Hello Whiskers-san,

YES! I was also very impressed at the very comment you mention. It's a excellent idea to send politicians to Bhutan for a year or so. It's way better way to spend our money than making appallingly absurd teacher's manual for English textbooks such as CROWN. I took a peek those notorious manual yesterday and just lost my words... You know, some people do BUSINESS with students using those manuals. There are companies to get questions from students and send answers from the manual. Only teachers are not aware of those things...