Dec 16, 2011


Hmm, what a boring title..., well, if I spend too much time to come up with an impressive title, then I won't be able to finish the main topic, so I'm going to just move on to keeping a record of the latest English lesson at Jyuku.

(Three junior high schoolers in the third year. Lesson time: two hours)

* past test(40 minutes)  Each student tackled with a one big section from the past test of a school they're aiming at.

* read aloud (15 minutes) The twelve days of Christmas

* tadoku(20 minutes)  ORT stage5 for two students, an article about climate change from ST for one.

* song time(15 minutes) "all I want for Christmas is you" Mariah Carey: fill in blanks

* reading  (20 minutes) from prism

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