Nov 2, 2011



Okay, here I go. I was starting to write today's udauda writing, then I got a call from my daughter and she asked me to go to a concert of Seiyuu for Nura mago, manga&anime... Oh boy..., so it seems if she fails to find a otadku friend crazy enough to join such a feverish event, I'll accompany her next month. Can't believe it. I have this bothering body now, I can't sit still for more than one hour because my back starts to get rigid and I'm likely to feel numbness on my left leg. She says she doesn't mind is I just sit in a chair doing nothing even everyone around us starts to shout, jump and get excited, so it won't be turn out to be that bad, I hope. mmm I'd rather go to much quiet and sophisticated concert if I were to spend 5,800yen for each.

well, about five minutes past now, so for the next topic..., anything especially happen today? well just about on hour ago, two avid tadokers are tweeting about manga for tadoku and they seemed to have bought several manga in just one order. You know, this is the entrance for the tadoku Binbou, what should I say in English? It sounds to be tragic if I translate Binbou to English like poor, but it actually works the other way around of getting poor. As far as I know every tadoker who claims to have stepping into the hell of tadoku Binbou looks terribly happy when they say so. I've never known someone says she/he has spent too much money beyond monthly budget with big smile on its face other than tadokers. Tadokers are truly oddballs in a way, but they can be the most easily fascinated people and they know well how they can make their life fulfilling and full of joy. I'm so glad that I'm surrounded by those aspiring people on the net.

Oh, I'm not talking about manga at all. What have I been doing? Am I supposed to be boasting about my manga collection already? Well, it's not that all of the English manga is mine, you know, many..., some..., of them are my daughter's ones and I just read them to make the most of its money value. I don't remember how many titles I have now, many are from Jump titles, and adding to that, I have my own collection upstairs in my futon room and I'm always worrying that if something happens to me at this moment, then what happens to those my collections... To tell you the truth, not many but some doujinshi are very precious because they are not available commercially now, so they cost around 5,000 yen or more..., but I don't think my kids can tell which titles are expensive and which not... I've got to make a special box for those special ones, but well, before that, I have to throw away some manga and decrease the number of manga at first, I'm afraid. It's not like a decent futon room if you have five or six? cartoon boxes filled with manga on the floor.

Okay, now about twenty minutes passed, so I'm going to quit here and run a spellchecker!


Whiskers said...

Somehow your title rang a bell...
Yeah! It's ゲバゲバ90分! Do you know the show? PTAからは評判の悪い番組でしたが・・・。子供って、そういうもの見たがるよね。

Anyway, I've gotta go!
Take good care of yourself, esp. your back!

Mrs. Malone said...


Did you enjoy the holiday? I read a physical book yesterday and found it was very difficult to focus on small letters... I may not be able to read anything in comfort without kindle's enlarge function soon...