Sep 11, 2011

Natsume Isaku Autograph Session Report

(It's a report about autograph session yesterday I wrote for another blog and just copied from there.)

I was terribly nervous to meet with manga-ka, Natsume Isaku-san, for the first time yesterday at the autograph session at TSUTAYA shibuya and I made everything ready, especially that many messages from you overseas fans, in my bag from the day before. It's rumored among BL fans in Japan that some manga-ka, who I'm madly in love, is not that friendly, so her signing event is not so interesting. I was wondering what if Natsume-san was someone like that.

But it turned out to be a terrific about two to three minutes' meeting and she is yes NICE! I thought she was those kind of people that once you meet them and exchange a word or two, then you're unlikely to forget them and you can remember the happy moment with them from time to time. She is really attractive, very energetic aaand modest at the same time. As you might already know, Natsume-san published some slash manga for One Piece and she reminds me of the very character, Nami-san, of it.

When I handed a booklet of your messages, Natsume-san and also her two caretakers let out a surprised voice and seemed to be truly pleased to get that present. I think they know there are some oversea fans for her, but they wouldn't have a chance to get words directly, so I'm sure your messages made an impressive present. So, here is a cover my dear friend, sloppie-san, made for the booklet.
And these are the autograph, an omake bookmark and a thank you message paper.
Thank you for participating the event with me and do support Natsume Isaku-sensei with purchasing her manga. (@^^)/~~~

P.S. I asked her to tweet a message exclusively for overseas fans, so if I find one in her tweets, I'm going to translate and add it here. She has not tweeted anything since yesterday, so I'm guessing she must be exhausted and taking a long rest.  

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