Sep 8, 2011

も~ ふーたつねーるーと~ サ・イ・ン・会!!

I can't stop..., giggle  giggle  giggle 
In two days, I'll be able to meet a manga-ka I adore at TSUTAYA shibuya, yeah!
あやかり草紙 (1) (ウィングス・コミックス)
あやかり草紙 (1) (ウィングス・コミックス)
To join the autograph session, I needed to get a ticket, so I went to TSUTAYA in shibuya with my daughter and got in a long line for about thirty minutes and finally I managed to get two tickets for the session. phew...

Then, I came up with an idea that there're many fans abroad for her and what if they get a chance to say thank you or whatever they want to say through my attending the event. I made an entry about the session in lj to collect a message from fans and I got about thirty lovely messages so far from many countries. Natsume Isaku-san wouldn't be able to understand some of them, so I added some tips and translations in Japanese. Also, I got a terrific front cover for the messages from my tadoku buddy! thank you!!
credit to sloppie-san
It's really fun to use English for your hobby or interests and get to know more people living in different countries. I wonder how many of tadokers in Japan actually use English in such a way that their life can be more thrilling and enjoyable thanks to the ability of writing or speaking English. I'm afraid many of them are still not able to gather up courage to go beyond Japanese societies and try to mingle with various kind of people in multinational communities.


sloppie said...


Really excited now... ♥

Mrs. Malone said...

この前配達されてきた段ボールの中に、上質紙を発見しました。こんなところで役立つとは! 仕上げ中