Sep 9, 2011




Whiskers said...

Ooooooh! Cute flyer! Wish it'll be successful!

BTW, I've been checking your Dokuzetsu blog, which I haven't had a chance to mention;) Keep on ranting!

Mrs. Malone said...

hahaha, I made such a cute flyer only because I got a helping hand of my daughter, in return for my contribution to her homework, E to J translation(-"-), which was nothing but atrocious... it's not exaggeration or anything, seriously... I'm wondering if I should make that English textbook as a prey of my ranting here...

I'm not one bit expecting to have a guest for the tadoku group at the moment, just to go there, sit at the small corner of the hall and read alone would be meaningful, I believe.

Fortunately, one caretaker in the community turned out to be a very generous man and it seems he's heard of something about English tadoku and said to me that books I have are totally different from the ones in libraries and my plan would be great for both the center and the community... ^^

Truth be told, I'm wishing to do more to let tadoku be known widely, but starting a small group in the neighborhood is the most I can do for now with my unstable health ^^;

Hey, my ameba ranting is just a trash, Never ever waste your precious time there, will you? haha