Aug 19, 2011

明日8月20日 ミニミニオフ


We'll hold a small meet-up tomorrow evening in somewhere? close to a Seibu line station in west Tokyo.
If you're curious to know more about it, please leave a comment.
I'm wondering what about starting a tadoku meet-up exclusively for manga addicts... I can't be that thrilled to read and talk about books for children with other tadokers by now, but if the meeting is set for PB tadokers, then it's hopeless to welcome many participants, right? But manga tadoku won't require high English reading skills and everyone from beginners to long doers can join and chitchat together...
This morning, I read tiger and bunny English manga and it really was fun to compare some expressions to Japanese original and I'd love to talk about it with someone, but I'm afraid there won't be anyone read that in English in Japan... マンガオフかあ~

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