May 14, 2011


(I'm still a newbie with twitter and I've not got the hang of it well, but little by little, I'm getting familiar with it and tweeting more and more than before.
Then I came to realize that when I tweet in English, I often made to shrink what I wrote by using abbreviations or eliminating some unnecessary words, but when it comes to Japanese, 140 words are just enough. Kanji is sure useful, isn't it.)

twitter, FB(facebook),趣味のコミュニティーと、英語で交流する場所が増えたので、

It was the second day of Saturday tadoku class this year today.
It's a year-round course, so I'll get a bit nervous and excited at the beginning of the course to know who're going to be interested in tadoku and take up the course.
To my real surprise, there was this student, who had gone through immersion education, English and Japanese and lived in U.S. for three years as an exchange student when he was in elementary school.)

今日は"Sh*t My Dad Says"を紹介して、これがまた大うけ!
At the end of the class, he approached to me with thrill and amusement all over his face and started to talk eagerly about ORT, Harry Potter, manga, and kindle and so on. I introduced "Sh*t My Dad Says" today and he really enjoyed it.
Talking with mothers in the same generation to me is stressful, but with him and other students, I can be relaxed and please myself. haha

後半になったら、音楽CD,ドラマ,podcast, manga,anime, kindle, audiobook等々
During the class, I ask the students to read ORT(up to level5 preferably), FRL and at least one book with CD in a class. As the course proceeds, I'm going to introduce music CD, drama, podcast, manga, anime, kindle, aubiobook. Oh well, I should remind myself often that the course is not for me but for the students...

Next, it's about a tiny community my friends and I started at SNS for bookworms.
While I was surfing on the Net, I ran into a friend, who reads similar kind of books to me, and we decided to make a community swiftly. I myself is one of the moderators.

The language is set both for Japanese and English, so being a small tiny community,
we already welcomed members from various countries, Soviet, U.S., Czech, Canada.
We're going to exchange info about book sale, good series, useful expressions, hand over books. I'm quite excited to see how the community is going to grow into like.

And last, bit about kindle. I've not used read aloud function, but once I got used to listening to audible, I fount it much easier to listen to a story than to read it.
Kindle read aloud function is so good that I always find myself napping over the sound. With one nap, one or two chapters flew by and I barely remember what happened in the story, but I don't rewind it, just keep reading forward. It enables me to finish reading a book much faster. haha

There are three friends thinking over to purchase kindle now.
With a bit of nudging, I know they'll be lured into clicking the buy button, I hope.


Whiskers said...

Hi emmie-san:
I totally agree with you! It's so difficult to write using only 140 letters. Reading other people's tweets written in Japanese, I wondered how come mine lookes much shorter. Well, I just hope someday I can do it better.

It's really interesting to read how you are starting your class because my tadoku classes also just started. I make my students read ORT or LLL and some really easy LRs. Reading what you wrote, I thought maybe I should be more flexible. Focusing on unlearning their translating habit too much, I might have forced my students to read only boring books-well, for me, they are not boring, but for the young students who have never even enjoyed Japanese picture books.

emmie-san, you're just amazing. So many things you're managing and always innovative. You make everything look so easy. An old dinosaur like me just cannot keep up...

Mrs. Malone said...

Hey, Whiskers-san, are you trying to plot a mischief against me? I'm nothing but a grumpy Obachan, easily to get excited when it comes to tadoku and mesmerize people into believing that they'd be a fluent user of English when being honest from the inner voice of theirs and enjoying English, at the most. haha

Old or new, you think you're a dinosaur yourself, right? Then you can do whatever you want, to wake up your students, who are made to believe that English is learned only through hard boring materials and tasks, and lead them to much fulfilling learning, with your knowledge and just a huge dinosaur stamp.

Did you find twitter fun?

sloppie said...

Hi, whiskers-san and emmie-san,
Here I am the one mesmerized, cheated, betrayed and left behind sloppie, and also thinking about getting a kindle.Alas!禁断のキンドル!!

Please enjoy your class, teachers!
That is the best way to teach, I believe.

Whiskers said...

Right, sloppie-san!
It's the key-enjoy teaching the class. Thank you for reminding!
And I'll try to wake our students with my dinasaur STOMP! Hee hee.

I just started to read again, so can't think about kindle yet. Probably some time later when all the people can show me what the good about kindle, I can consider it... Here comes again checking on the stonebridge forever...

aqualuna said...

Hi Emmie-san,
exactly!! when I tweet in English, I always I cannot write what do I want to, Japanese is very easy to write!

anyway, new community must be fun!! I hope I will join someday.


Mrs. Malone said...

Hi Whiskers-san, sloppie-san,

Recalling the popular song, London bridge's falling down, a stone bridge wouldn't be so tough that I can't smash it into pieces. I'm sure the day will come soon when we'll talk over kindle anecdotes. ^^

Mrs. Malone said...

Hi Wakako-san, nice to talk with you again,

The New community is really helpful for me to choose books to read, but it's highly unlikely that you'll be thrilled to join it. The genre is just peculiar and nerdy haha.

I'm following your twitter record of read books and thought your speed is just amazing.

You wrote "ペースをつかむ”or something, but I don't think it's necessary for you, a born avid read, to worry about that. Or rather, I advice you to relax a bit and listen to your honest feelings well.

When you don't feel like reading any English books, then it's okay to skip and be lazy. This sloppy attitude is another key to be a everlasting tadoku doer, and in the end , English will be something you live with all the time.

Have a good week!

sloppie said...

(continued from emmie's comment)
That's why I named and get called sloppie.

aqualuna said...

Hi emmie-san:
Thank you for your advice. I will ask me and get feelings what do I want to!
Thank you!